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Anhydrous Milk Fat 


Kaskat Ltd

Anhydrous Milk Fat is obtained from pasteurized cream by almost total elimination of water and non fatty solids. This product is available as a yellow liquid or solid free from abnormal flavors with a pure and clean odor. It is applied in recombined dairy products, confectionery, bakery and pastry, ice cream, sauces and spreads mixing well with other products as a great source of pure milkfat to give a natural dairy flavor and creaminess and easily mixes with other products.




Kaskat Ltd. is a dependable supplier of dairy products for the food and beverage industry. With a variety of milk powders and blends, whey powders, caseins and caseinates, proteins, permeate and lactose, butter, cheese, and anhydrous milk fat, they are equipped to provide customers with high-quality products. The company is committed to continuous development and innovation in order to better serve their customers.


Kaskat Ltd

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