Natural & Pure Caffeine 

Natural & Pure Caffeine is extracted from Tea, Coffee, Cocoa, Guarana and some other plants. Natural & Pure Caffeine is refined to make food and pharmaceutic grade products such as additives in the "Cola" drinks, energy drinks, sports drinks, caffeinated water, nutritional health & food supplements, and in several medicines. It is odorless, efflorescent, and easily soluble in hot water.




Shri Ahimsa Mines & Minerals Ltd operates as a exporter and processor of Pure Natural Caffeine. It is hygienically processed as per BP, IP, JP, FCC and USP standards. The Caffeine is extracted from Guarana, Cocoa, Coffee, Tea and a few other plants then refined to make it food grade. Their product can be used in many applications including Chocolates, Yogurts, Frozen Desserts and Sports Drinks.


Shri Ahimsa Mines & Minerals Ltd

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