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Soybean Ecososial (13145) 

Soybean Ecososial (13145) is organic and has an appearance of round yellow beans with a soybean flavor and aroma. Its country of origin is China and Brasil and is an acceptable food ingredient for vegetarians, vegans, and lacto-vegetarians providing an excellent source of protein. They are used to make a tofu which is their most common use today and also they are used for a variety of other food products. Soybean Ecososial (13145) comes in 5 kg paper bags.


Certification Statement


Dutch Organic International Trade is a supplier of organic ingredients used in the Food, Beverage, and Nutrition industry. With a philosophy of creating an all-around better world, it is committed to quality organic raw materials, recyclable packaging, and fair trade practices. Dutch Organic’s product range includes Lemon Juice, Carob Powder, Whey Powder, Dried Apple Pieces, Spelt Flour, and more.


Dutch Organic International Trade

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