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Ham Curing Agent 

Ham Curing Agent is a product that is produced as a white powder that is easily soluble in water. This product consists of many kinds of food additives with a specific scientific proportion that can be capable of using as a water-conservative and oil-conservative. It reduces the loss and nutritional loss in the process of producing the finished product. It may enhance the adhesion of flesh and can improve the visual appearance of products via controlling the PH value.




Lianyungang Dongtai Food Ingredients Co., Ltd. manufactures calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium phosphates as well as sodium, calcium, and potassium citrates for the food, beverage, and nutrition industry. Their professional research and development team endeavors to provide strong technical support and to ensure that they products meet domestic and international quality standards.


Lianyungang Dongtai Food Ingredients Co., Ltd

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