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BevGrad® DHA 

BevGrad® DHA is a finely milled flaxseed ingredient derived from marine algae and subsequently blended with nutritional oil. A highly stable dry ingredient that is also certified kosher. Containing a high level of DHA Omega-3s, it is also a vegetarian product. It is commonly used in baked products, soups, sauces, beverages, cereals and bars, peanut butter and spreads, nutritional supplements, batter and breadings, and tortillas, etc.




Glanbia Nutritionals manufactures amino acids, vitamins, colors, specialty ingredients, dairy minerals, lactose, flaxseed, functional ingredient systems, micronutrient premixes, milk and whey proteins, whey peptide and hydrolysates technologies for Food, Beverage and Nutrition. Glanbia ingredients support cognitive function, digestion, cardiovascular, immune, joints, weight management and have omega-3 fatty acids.



Glanbia Nutritionals

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