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Riboflavin USP 

Riboflavin USP (also known as vitamin B2) is an easily absorbed micro-nutrient present in all animal and plant cells. It is found in a yellow to orange crystalline powder and used as a nutritional enhancer as well as a yellow food color additive for soft drinks, sweets, cereals and other food products. Riboflavin USP can be produced synthetically in a laboratory, isolated through bacteria, or ingested in foods such as milk, eggs, cheese, liver and yeast.




Glanbia Nutritionals manufactures amino acids, vitamins, colors, specialty ingredients, dairy minerals, lactose, flaxseed, functional ingredient systems, micronutrient premixes, milk and whey proteins, whey peptide and hydrolysates technologies for Food, Beverage and Nutrition. Glanbia ingredients support cognitive function, digestion, cardiovascular, immune, joints, weight management and have omega-3 fatty acids.



Glanbia Nutritionals

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