Niacin USP 

Niacin USP is a nicotinic acid and a form of vitamin B3. Typically found in a white crystalline powder, Niacin USP is used as an aid to treat diabetes and to remedy diarrhea associated with cholera. It can additionally be used as an aid in the symptoms of acne, leprosy, arthritis, premenstrual headaches, arthritis and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Niacin USP can be ingested in synthetic form as well as in fish, meats, peanuts, sunflower seeds, green peas and mushrooms. Niacin USP is used in dietary supplements.




Glanbia Nutritionals manufactures amino acids, vitamins, colors, specialty ingredients, dairy minerals, lactose, flaxseed, functional ingredient systems, micronutrient premixes, milk and whey proteins, whey peptide and hydrolysates technologies for Food, Beverage and Nutrition. Glanbia ingredients support cognitive function, digestion, cardiovascular, immune, joints, weight management and have omega-3 fatty acids.



Glanbia Nutritionals

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