Pro-FIT™ Probiotics (Lactobacilus Fermentum) 


Fenchem, Inc.

Pro-FIT™ Probiotics (Lactobacilus Fermentum) are live micro-organisms that confer health benefits to the human body. They restore balance to the micro-flora in the intestines. It helps manage lactose intolerance, prevents colon cancer, lowers blood pressure, maintains the immune system, and addresses irritable bowel syndrome. It obstructs harmful bacterial growth in the body, balances the pH in the digestive track and promotes digestion. It is used as an additive in dairy, confections, protein drinks and other food products.




Fenchem, Inc. engages in developing and supplying food ingredients used in the Food, Beverage and Nutrition industry. This company focuses on manufacturing a broad range of raw ingredients for dietary supplements and functional food. Most of these products are used to provide health-improving effects that include cardiovascular health, joint health, basic vitamins, amino acids, and gut health.


Fenchem, Inc.

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