Nisin (Nisaplin) 

Nisin (Nisaplin), also known as Nisina or Nisine, is a natural preservative. It occurs as a gray or light yellow powder which is highly soluble and stable in food products. Nisin can be used in a wide variety of heat processed foods, such as fresh milk, processed cheese, dairy products, pasteurized liquid egg, processed meat, seafood, canned goods, fruit drinks, vinegar, soy sauce, composite flavorings, baked products, instant food, beer , and wine.




Qingdao Free Trade Zone United International Co., Ltd is a group company whose main focus is in the supplying and manufacturing of feed additives, Aroma Chemicals Pharmaceuticals and Food & Nutritional Ingredients for diversified markets worldwide. Their Food ingredient product list includes Natural Food Colors, Antioxidants, Fatty Acids, Acidity Regulators, Preservatives, Amino Acids and Sweeteners.


Qingdao Free Trade Zone United

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