Carrot Extract 

Carrot Extract is a yellow to pinkish red, free flowing powder made from the root of the carrot. It has the typical taste and odor characteristics of carrot. It is highly soluble in water, its has multiple uses in the production of many common foods such as beverages, yogurt, soft drinks, liquor, confectionery, milk products, essences, ice creams, sauces, soups, puddings, baby foods and baked goods. In addition, this product can also be used as a dietary supplement. The roots and seeds of carrots are rich in antioxidants, such as vitamin E, tocopheryl, and carotenoids like beta carotene.




Venkatesh is an accredited institution in the field of manufacturing natural food additives and Active Ingredient raw materials. It offers a wide-range of natural ingredients including Natural Food Color Products, Flavors, Fruit & Vegetable Extracts, Standardized Herbal Extracts, Plant Extracts and Botanical Herbal Extracts for the Nutritional and Sports Nutrition, Functional Food & Beverage and Dietary Supplement Industries.


Venkatesh Natural Extract Pvt. Ltd

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