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FST® (Fast Soluble Tripolyphosphate-STPP based) 


Fosfa A.S.

FST® (Fast Soluble Tripolyphosphate-STPP based) is a white powdery non-aggressive substance. It is used as an additive in seafood, fish and meat. It increases tenderness and retention of moisture, flavor, color and natural juices, reduces drip loss and dehydration, maintains texture and quality sensory attributes and prevents fluid losses during shipment and prior to sale. It can also form part of the special blends applied in preparation of meat products such as salamis, sausages, frankfurters, hams, and smoked meats.




Fosfa A.S. is a supplier of functional ingredients for the food industry. They have a wide variety of products including food sodium pyrophosphates, phosphoric acids, and salts. This company’s functional ingredients provide many different benefits such as pH buffers, emulsifiers, preservation of taste, carbon dioxide control, thermal stability, and prevention of oxidation.


Fosfa A.S.

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