Deproteinized (Whey Powder) 

Deproteinized (Whey Powder) Deproteinized Whey is manufactured through the cold ultra-filtration of sweet dairy whey. A portion of the protein is removed from sweet whey resulting in a non-hydroscopic, free-flowing, clean flavored powder containing greater than 80% carbohydrate (lactose) levels. Deproteinized whey can be used as either a re-placer for sweet whey powder or lactose depending on the application.

It can also be used in bakery products to impart better browning, as well as in confectionery, desserts, sauces, drink mixes, prepared foods, snack foods, spice blends and in certain ice cream applications.




Saputo Ingredients is a global dairy processor that produces and distributes dairy ingredients for the Food, Beverage and Nutrition industry. This company offers a comprehensive range of products including fine cheeses, butter, cream products, yogurts, and dairy drinks. Most of the dairy ingredients have many functional properties including emulsification, solubility, fat replacement, gelling, and more.


Saputo Ingredients

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