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Vitamin B1 Thiamine 

Vitamin B1 Thiamine is a white to yellowish fine crystal that has a special smell with a bitter taste. This product can promote growth, help with digestion, especially carbohydrate digestion, improve mental condition, maintain nerve tissue, normal muscle, heart activity, reduce motion sickness, seasickness phenomenon, and ease pain related to dental surgery. It serves as a nutritional supplement in products such as milk and milk drinks, drinking liquid, and infant food.


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Zhejiang Wecan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. produces a wide range of additives and vitamins for use in the global food industry. Zhejiang Wecan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is able to efficiently produce vitamins, minerals, peptides, and proteins in many different forms including powders and liquids. Because they can easily be produced in a range of forms, they can easily be incorporated and utilized a number of applications.


Zhejiang Wecan Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

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