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Tamarind Kernel Powder (De-Oil) - 200 Mesh

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Tamarind Kernel Powder (De-Oil) - 200 Mesh is derived from the plant Tamarindus Indica. Tamarind is an evergreen tree. The white kernel obtained of tamarind seeds are utilized for producing Tamarind Kernel Powder. This product appears as an off-white to creamy powder, and has a particle distribution of 200 mesh. Tamarind pulp is one of the souring agent in Indian curries. For the reason that of sugar and acid contents the tamarind pulp is used in kitchens for curries, sauces, syrups and other food beverages. Tamarind kernel is rich in protein, carbohydrates, fibers and oils.


Altrafine Gums offers natural gums for food grade thickeners and organic paper gums manufactured to international standards. Some of the products they supply are cassia powders, psyllium husk, guar gum and carrageenan. Along with hydrocolloids, Altrafine Gums offer indian spices and seeds and animal feed products.



Altrafine Gums

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