Genipin 98% 

Genipin 98% is the active compound found in the fruit of gardenia jasminoides ellis extract. It used as a Chinese traditional medicine to relieve the symptoms of type 2 diabetes. Genipin 98% is an excellent natural cross-linker for proteins, collagen, gelatin, and chitosan. It has a low acute toxicity, much less toxic than glutaraldehyde and many other commonly used synthetic cross-linking reagents. It is also used for pharmaceutical purposes, such as choleretic action for liver diseases. Genipin 98% can be used as a cross-linking agent for immobilized enzymes, as a regulating agent for drug delivery, as the raw material for gardenia blue pigment preparation, and as the intermediate for alkaloid syntheses. Besides the medicinal usage, Genipin 98% has a wide range of applications in other areas, such as a reactant with amino acid to create Gardenia Blue which is widely used in food, or a natural cross-linking agent for enzyme immobilization and preparation of gel capsules.




Chengdu King-tiger Pharm-chem specializes in researching and developing, extracting and purifying traditional Chinese medicines and natural plants and herbs. Some of their products include astragalus extract, Gardenia jasminoides Ellis extract and Galangin in China. Chengdu King-tiger Pharm-chem's extraction and refinery production factory runs under the GMP requirement and is located in Southwest HangKong Harbor Pharmaceutical Developing District.


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