Indogel SGP-F04 

Indogel SGP-F04 is a pure processed eucheuma seaweed, a food grade natural product derived from the red seaweed belonging to class Rhodophyceae. This product is a very coarse mesh food additive composed mainly of kappa carrageenan that is specially developed for use in a wide variety of processed meat products as a binder and extender. Indogel SGP-F04 can significantly lower purge or syneresis, increase cooking yield, and improve texture and sliceability without altering color and flavor of the final product. It is also excellent for use as a gelling agent in water-based systems at moderate levels. This product is functionally used in meat analogues, in order to increase yield of restructured meat products.


Certification Statement


PT. Gumindo Perkasa Industri manufactures carrageenan derived from Eucheuma species grown and cultivated in the coastal areas of the Indonesian archipelago. They have three product series they market. They are the INDOVISCO SGP Series for viscosity applications, the INDOLACTA SGP Series for dairy applications and the INDOGEL SGP Series for gelling applications.


PT. Gumindo Perkasa Industri

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