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Weyermann® Beech Smoked Barley Malt 

Weyermann® Beech Smoked Barley Malt is produced from quality two-row spring barley. It is unique in the world and was initially formulated specifically for the traditional Bamberg Rauchbier (Bamberg Smoked Beer). It can be used for any kind of lager or ale with a complex flavor. This product is carefully dried over hot, smoky ambers of well-aged beech wood to achieve characteristic smoky flavor, while preserving relatively pale color. Its flavor is a characteristic, well-rounded aroma of beech wood smoke; malty-sweet with notes of vanilla and honey. It is often used for smoked beer, Kellerbiere, Scottish ales, smoked wheat ales, etc.



Weyermann Specialty Malts is an established developer and manufacturer of specialty malt ingredients used in the Food, Beverage, and Nutrition industry. For over 130 years, this family-owned company has been dedicated to providing top quality brewing essentials. Weyermann offers SINAMAR® Color Malt Extract, Abbey Malt®, CARAHELL®, CARAAMBER®, and Bavarian Dunkel Liquid Malt Extract.


Weyermann Specialty Malts

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