Sodium Alginate 

Sodium Alginate appears as a white powder with no taste or aroma. This product can be used to stabilize ice cream, in order to replace starch and carageenan, in order to avoid ice crystallization and increase mouthfeel. It can also be used in mixed drinks, fruit juices, and iced milks. If Sodium Alginate is added to dairy products like refined cheese, canned cream and dry cheeses, the final product will not stick to the package. If this product is used as a cover for dairy food, it will keep the product fine and avoid splitting.




B&J Chemical Company produces and exports food additives and chemicals. Their food additive products include sodium alginate, carrageenan, xanthan gum, konjac, stevioside and soybean protein. B&J Chemical is an international supplier to their customers in Europe, America and south east Asia etc.


B&J Chemical Company

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