White Fungus Extract 

White Fungus Extract also called Silver Ear or snow fungus, is a rich source for dietary fiber and vitamin D. White Fungus is used as a nerve tonic and a skin tonic for healthy complexions. It is also sometimes called White Jelly Leaf and is commonly found in cough syrup. It helps relieve chronic tracheitis and other cough syndromes. White Fungus is rich in dietary fiber. Water insoluble fiber helps promote soft, bulky stools. Water soluble fiber forms a gel-like material which coats the gastric tract, delays glucose absorption and lowers cholesterol. It appears as a brown powder.




Changsha Sunfull Bio-tech specializes in the production, researching, developing and marketing of natural botanical extracts. Their products are widely used in the dietary supplement, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Changsha Sunfull's high quality products are available internationally and are competitively priced.


Changsha Sunfull Bio-tech Co., Ltd

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