Axcentive Sarl

Halamid® is a universal disinfectant that is used as a germicide in many disinfectants. It works as an oxidizer. It works by releasing chlorine and destroys cell walls of microbes. It provides active protection against fungi, bacteria and viruses. It comes in both a powder and an aqueous solution and is safe to handle. This product is biodegradable and is a stable storage capability. This product is used in breweries and soft drinks, dairy and margarine, food industry canning and as a water disinfectant.


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Axcentive provides specialty products based on sulfonamides. They offer products worldwide under the Halamid, Ketjenflex and Ketjensept brand names. Axcentive knowledge of sulfonamide properties allows them to supply their customers technical service and the development of new applications using their products.


Axcentive Sarl

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