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Gardenia Yellow 

Gardenia Yellow is a pure natural and water soluble food color that is extracted from the gardenia fruit. The main coloring ingredient is crocin and crocetin. This product is a yellow powder that can easily dissolve in water and alcohol solution. It has good resistance to light and temperature in neutral and weak alkaline mediums. It is often used in instant rice and flour products, pastas, filling for cereal products, chocolate products, fruit flavored beverages, cakes, preserved fruits, and jelly.




Yunnan Tonghai Yang Natural Products is a new & innovated company that is one of the leaders in agricultural industrialization with key backing by governments. Some of their fundamental natural colors they make and offer are: Curcumin, Lac Dye Red ( Lac Red ), Red Rice Red, Gardenia Blue, Gardenia Yellow, Grape Skin Extract, Carthamus Yellow, deodorized Purple Sweet Potato Color, deodorized Red Cabbage Color and deodorized Tonghai Radish Red etc.. They also produce Rosemary Extract, Honeysuckle Flower Extract and Tea Polyphenol.


Yunnan Tonghai Yang Natural Products Co., Ltd.

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