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Rennet Casein 

Rennet Casein is a by product of regulated precipitation of pasteurized skim milk with “ Rennet”. Rennet Casein finds its uses in processed cheese and nutritional foods. Providing you with a remarkable selection of milk derivates, Bhole Baba Dairy Industries Ltd. produces Casein as one of its byproducts in various compositions i.e. Rennet Casein 30 , Rennet Casein 60 and Rennet Casein 90 with its uses both in edible and technical applications. Product's edible applications include usage in block cheese analogue, mozzarella cheese analogue and processes cheese.




Bhole Baba Dairy Industries are manufacturers of dairy products and dairy powders. Some of the products they offer include casiens, milk powders, whey powders and concentrates, unsalted butter and ghee. Bhole Baba Dairy Industries products are processed, packed and stored following the strict quality measures with no addition of any preservatives.


Bhole Baba Dairy Industries Ltd.

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