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Instant / Regular Whole Milk Powder (FCMP) 

Instant Whole Milk powder is manufactured from fresh standardized whole milk from which only the water has been removed. Instant Whole Milk powder has been agglomerated and lechithinated to produce a free flowing powder that is cream in color. Instant Whole Milk Powder has a clean flavour and optimum reconstitution characteristics. It can be used in any application where total milk solids are required. It can be used for reconstitution into fluid milk or as an ingredient in confectionery, bakery and ice cream manufacture.




Bhole Baba Dairy Industries are manufacturers of dairy products and dairy powders. Some of the products they offer include casiens, milk powders, whey powders and concentrates, unsalted butter and ghee. Bhole Baba Dairy Industries products are processed, packed and stored following the strict quality measures with no addition of any preservatives.


Bhole Baba Dairy Industries Ltd.

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