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Pitaya, more commonly referred to as "Dragon Fruit", is the fruit obtained from the cactus genus Hylocereus. The fruit itself is fairly round or oval in shape. The color of the skin is pink with greenish scales around it. The flesh of the fruit is a deep red pitted with dark seeds all though out the fruit. The taste has been described as being "very bland... like a melon or kiwi," with a "mild sweetness." Used extensively in Asian culture, the fruit can either be eaten as raw or it can be processed further to make fruit juice (fermented or non), Oil from the seeds, and even a type of flour. It improves the immune system and blood circulation.




Great Sun Pitaya Farm Sdn Bhd is one of the leading Pitaya (Dragon Fruit) manufacturers in Malaysia. All their planted fruit are the red flesh pitaya. Their products include Dragon Fruit, Fermented Juice and Dragon Fruit Juice. They operate in the exportation, retailing and wholesaling of their products.


Great Sun Pitaya Farm SND BHD

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