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Agaricus Blazei Extract 

Agaricus Blazei Extract is a fine powder with a yellowish color. It is obtained from the Agaricus Blazei mushroom which is a newly discovered species with many dietary benefits. The mushroom extract can lower blood sugar and blood pressure as well as improve the health of spleen, kidney and the immune system. Polysaccharide and steroid are the main ingredients of the Agaricus Blazei Murill but also contain plenty of protein and amino acids. The product is used in tonics or as a food additive.




Hangzhou New Asia International Co., Ltd is a supplier of high quality natural powders for the Food, Beverage and Nutrition industry. This company focuses on producing 100% natural powders that have original flavor and nutrition, good solubility in cold water, and a characteristic taste. Their product lines include Organic Powders, Instant Tea Powders, Herbal Extract Powders, and Juice Powders.


Hangzhou New Asia International Co., Ltd

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