Green Tea Extract Powder 

Green Tea Extract Powder is a fine powder with a yellow brown color obtained through a solvent extraction method of using water/ethanol. The green tea extract is 100% natural and the polyphenol content of raw material is not less than 98%. The product is easily soluble in water allowing for ideal use in dietary supplements and beverages. Green tea extract contains polyphenols and flavonols which possess potent antioxidant activity.




Hangzhou New Asia International Co., Ltd is a supplier of high quality natural powders for the Food, Beverage and Nutrition industry. This company focuses on producing 100% natural powders that have original flavor and nutrition, good solubility in cold water, and a characteristic taste. Their product lines include Organic Powders, Instant Tea Powders, Herbal Extract Powders, and Juice Powders.


Hangzhou New Asia International Co., Ltd

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