Lycopene is a dark red powder derived from tomatoes. Lycopene is an important member of the carotinoid families, It may restrain and reduce the occurring rate of prostate cancer, womb cervical cancer, pancreatic cancer and vesica demonstrated that lycopene is the strongest carotinoid for neutralizing free-radicals. It is powerful antioxidant, more than vitamin-E one hundred times and more than b-carotene twice, it has many biological activies, can stand over entlity, strengthen immune function, better for human`s nutrition and health




Heaven Mountain Nutrichem Company specializes in the study, development, manufacture and selling of various Ingredients, Standard Herbal Extracts, Ratio Herbal Extracts, Fruit Juice Powder and Evaporated Vegetable Powder. They are dedicated to providing natural, healthy raw materials with their consistent service and quality.


Heaven Mountain Nutrichem

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