Engelhardtia Leaf Extract 


SanHerb Biotech

Engelhardtia Leaf Extract is derived from Engelhardtia leaf, a wild southern China Walnut Branch evergreen tree. It is used for detoxification and slimming tea, and it has an anti-oxidation property. It can promote blood circulation, reduce blood fat, lower blood glucose, enhance immune function, and prevention of cancer.




SanHerb Biotech is a global manufacturer that specializes in producing high quality plant extracts used in the Food, Beverage and Nutrition industry. This company offers an extensive range of sweeteners, fibers, herb powders, proteins, and flavour enhancers for use in alcoholic beverages, seasonings, condensed juices, salads, and more. Many of these ingredients can provide various kinds of health benefits.


SanHerb Biotech

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