Quercetin 98% - QU-098 

Quercetin 98% - QU-098 appears as a yellow colored powder that contains a minimum of 98% Quercetin. It is a flavonol or plant pigment, that helps lower blood presser and blood lipids. Quercetin 98% - QU-098 is used in dietary supplements, health foods and beverages.




Shanghai Angoal Chemical Co. is a producer of botanical extracts in China. They offer nutritional ingredients and high quality herbal extracts for the beverage, health food and dietary supplement industries across the globe. Some of their more popular products include Sucralose, Theaflavins, Silymarin, Soy Isoflavones, Resveratrol, Lycopene, Green Tea Extract, Grape Seep Extract and Gingko Biloba Extract.


Shanghai Angoal Chemical Co., Ltd.

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