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Sodium Erythorbate


Wintersun Chemical目前只在以下作出標識的區域展示其產品資料:

Sodium Erythorbate is a white, odorless powder that is an important antioxidant in the food industry, which can keep the color, natural flavor of foods and lengthen its storage without any toxic side effects. This item is used in meat processing, fruits, vegetables, tin and jams. Also, it is used in drinks, such as beer, wine, soft drinks, fruit tea and fruit juice. Due to its antioxidant property it can successfully replace sodium ascorbate and ascorbic acid after adjusting the dosage.


Wintersun Chemical is a premier chemical supplier committed to excellence in the Food Industry. They are a proud member of National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD) and our products are Underwriters laboratories (UL) certified. They offer a diverse selection of the chemicals used in the development and manufacturing of Food and Animal Feeding Ingredients. This list include ingredients such as Chitosan, Benzoic Acid, Aspartame and Acesulfame-K.



Wintersun Chemical

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