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Trisodium Citrate Dihydrate (Sodium Citrate) 

Trisodium Citrate Dihydrate (Sodium Citrate) are colorless crystals or white, granular to fine powder that is used as an anticoagulant agent in meat industry and as an acidulant, flavorant and preservative in foods and beverages. Powder also stabilizes emulsified fat and complexes calcium ions in cheese industry. Products main asset is that it adjusts pH control (in combination with Citric Acid) in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.




Wintersun Chemical is a premier chemical supplier committed to excellence in the Food Industry. They are a proud member of National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD) and our products are Underwriters laboratories (UL) certified. They offer a diverse selection of the chemicals used in the development and manufacturing of Food and Animal Feeding Ingredients. This list include ingredients such as Chitosan, Benzoic Acid, Aspartame and Acesulfame-K.


Wintersun Chemical

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