Apple Juice Powder 

Apple Juice Powder is a uniform off-white fine powder with a trait of apple aroma. This product is used in nutrient foods, baby foods, functional foods, instant foods, powdered drinks, old ages foods, old ages foods, flavoring, and cakes. Apple juice powder is packaged in 5kg aluminum foil bag, 10kg carton, and 25kg drum. The required storage location is in a dry and cool area with a temperature being under 25 degrees C with a shelf life of 18 months.




Xi’an Chinwon Biotech Inc. is a professional producer and provider of juice concentrates and plant extracts for the Food Industry. They specialize in freeze drying, vacuum drying, spray drying and fruit & vegetable juice concentrate processing to preserve their products. These include Fruit and Herbal Extracts and some Colorants along with and assortment of juice concentrates such as Mulberry, Goji, Broccoli and Apple.


Xi’an Chinwon Biotech Inc.

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