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Deli Brand Maltose Syrup--25KG 

Deli Brand Maltose Syrup--25KG is also known as maltobiose or malt sugar. It is made from rice and malt by fermentation saccharification. It is used as a sweetener and a color preserver for a wide range of food products.including candy, soft drinks,fruit jams, meat products and baked goods. It is a viscous liquid. It has a sweet, slightly malty, flavor with no aroma.




Wuhu Deli Foods Co., Ltd. is an export-oriented manufacturer and specializes in the production of natural bee honey and syrup products. They have separated production lines for the pure honey and syrup products, with 10,000 square meters workshops designed as per GMP standard. Their products include natural bee honey, honey powder and other honey products, flavoured syrup, maltose syrup, clarified rice syrup, brown rice syrup, GMO free rice syrup, and so on. There is also a variety of the types of honey available as well as various kinds of flavored syrups available.


Wuhu Deli Foods Co., Ltd.

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