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Rapeseed Oil 

Rapeseed oil is extracted from the seeds of rapeseed plants that grow naturally without chemicals whatsoever. Rapeseed oil is also known as canola oil and is one of the leading sources of vegetable oil and protein meal. It is known for its low concentration of saturated fat and has a high proportion of monounsaturated fat. After refining, this product has an appearance that is a clear light honey color with a bland odor and taste. It is a relatively stable oil with a respectable smoke point.




BooBoone is a wholesale only company that processes large quantity orders. Some of the products they provide are grains, edible oils, sweeteners, cane sugar, multigrain flour, soft milling wheat, soybeans , soybeans meal and wheat flour. BooBoone supplies distributors, wholesalers and retailers world wide.


BooBoone Manufacturing & Trading

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