Infat 955 


Premium Group

Infat 955 is a good quality confectionery fat manufactured by interesterification and hydrogenation to give a sharp melting profile and an excellent mouthfeel. The finished products exhibit excellent gloss and do not require tempering. Its excellent hardness, good flavour release, mouth feel and melting characteristics make it ideal for high quality profile confectionery fats. This product is an excellent product for making compound chocolate coatings.




Premium Group has been in the forefront of the Edible Oils and Fats industry worldwide. Their range of products include Frying Fats, Bakery Fats, Dairy Fat Substitutes, Ice Cream Fats and Confectionery Fats. Their confectionery fats are used in applications such as filling, coating and molding and are in great demand by some of the top brands mostly due to the advanced physical and chemical characteristics they possess.


Premium Group

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