Yellow Whole Peas 

Yellow Whole Peas are yellow peas that are dried. Yellow Whole Peas are eaten cooked as a vegetable, canned or frozen while ripe. Dry peas are used whole or made into flour. In some parts of the world, dry peas (green or yellow) are consumed whole as dal. In China, yellow peas are soaked to extract starch for the production of vermicelli noodles. Peas are among the four most cultivated legumes next to soybeans, groundnuts and beans and are a staple food around the world.




Alliance Grain Traders is one of the leading lentil and pea splitting companies worldwide. They are dedicated to providing clean, high-quality products with reliable shipments, pricing, and flexible delivery. The company provides lentils, peas, beans, chickpeas, rice, pasta and semolina, bulgur wheat, pulse ingredients, and many other products.


Alliance Grain Traders

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