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Whole Milk Powder 


UAB Litamilk

Whole Milk Powder is full cream milk powder, obtained by spray drying of pasteurized whole milk. The white to creamy white powder must contain between 26% and 40% milkfat (by weight) on an “as is'' basis and not more than 5.0% moisture (by weight) on a milk-solids-not-fat (MSNF) basis. Whole Milk Powder is typically used for bakery, confectionery, dairy, prepared mixes, sauces and soups as an economical source of dairy solids, including milkfat and a convenient form of nutritious milk that doesn't require refrigeration, and is easily reconstituted.




UAB Litamilk is supplier of dairy ingredients used in the Food, Beverage, and Nutrition industry. Operating in accordance with the HACCP system and GMP+ standards, it is committed to quality and safety. Clients include manufacturers of chocolate, confectionery, ice cream, and bakery goods. UAB Litamilk’s product range includes Lactose, Milk and Whey Powders, and Whey Protein Concentrate.


UAB Litamilk

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