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Salt Rite™


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Salt Rite™ – is an ideal sodium reduction solution for a wide variety of applications: It enables partial salt replacement with a 1:1 substitution ratio, can replace up to 50% of salt in many food systems. This formula had a specially tuned flavor system that both masks metallic notes and provides flavor enhancement. Has been approved for use in Canada, Europe and USA. Labeled as: potassium chloride flavor. Does not contain sodium chloride, making it easy to use in formulations. The natural flavor used in Salt Rite is unique in its flavor masking and flavor enhancement properties and can be used in a wide variety of applications.


Caldic offers a wide selection of food ingredients and additives and optimize many products for a variety of markets. Some of the products they provide are solvent-based chemicals, acids and alkalis, food ingredients or specialty chemicals. Caldic's laboratories can produce high quality custom made blends and help their clients with product development.




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