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Milk Silo Culture 

Milk Silo Culture is a bacterial and enzymatic culture system which is specially designed to suppress phage and psychrotrophic bacteria production in raw milk silos. It is a blend of thermophilic, mesophilic bacteria strains, and oxidizing enzymes which produce an inherent source of hydrogen peroxide. Milk Silo Culture bacteria and enzymes will be destroyed during pasteurization making the milk ready for optimal use. It is designed to improve milk storage times and flavor in milk silos by decreasing the chance of the product spoiling.




International Media and Cultures (IMAC) specializes in producing custom-tailored products for use in the food and dairy industries. They have expanded outside of the cheese industry researching and developing products for applications in soy, probiotics, and even bio-animal feeds.International Media and Cultures provides consulting and their scientific experience doesn’t stop with cheese making only they have also assisted clients in the areas of whey and effluent treatment, or creating entire secondary product lines from dairy by-products.


International Media and Cultures, Inc.

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