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Carminex Watersoluble Extra Red 


Pronex S.A.

Carminex Watersoluble Extra Red is a watersoluble powder that has the exclusive characteristic to color dried mixes. It is a prepared liquid with a beautiful red - pink hue, and is used in dextrines and sugar. Carminex Watersoluble Extra Red is 15% redder in comparison to commercial water-soluble carmines even with the same carminic acid content. It means 15% less dosage to obtain same color.


Certification Statement


Pronex S.A. is a Peruvian company who is a leader in the manufacturing and distributing of annato and cochineal colors. Their full line of products include a turmeric line of products, a purple corn line of products, an annato color line of products, a carminic acid color line of products and a carmine color line of products.


Pronex S.A.

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