Red Star® JSA-42XL 

Red Star® JSA-42XL is a bromate free dough conditioner mix. It is applicable in all yeast-raised bakery products. It can be used as a base or added to an existing formula. Red Star JSA-42XL increases tolerance in overworked and/or frozen or retarded doughs. This conditioner gives volume, texture and keeping qualities as obtained from sponge doughs or two-hour straight dough fermentation’s with one short mixing and floor time period. It holds moisture in finished product for extended shelf life. It shortens mixing times with the addition of L-cysteine and increases oven spring without the addition of bromate. Red Star JSA-42XL is recommended for a wide variety of products including biscuits, breads, pretzels, rolls and bagels.


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Lesaffre Yeast Corporation is an experienced supplier of yeast extracts and baker’s yeast for consumers. The SAF®, RED STAR®, and Bakipan® product ranges are GMO-free, gluten-free products suitable for a wide range of applications. The company offers help, support, and troubleshooting in the baking process, so they welcome experienced bakers as well as newcomers to the industry.


Lesaffre Yeast Corporation

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