Red Star® Single Acting Baking Powder 

Red Star® Single Acting Baking Powder is a chemical leavening agent formulated to produce maximum leavening action in the oven and only limited gas release during mixing and on the bench. It is specially suited for applications where refrigeration is desired. It is particularly appropriate where large batches of batter are mixed for bake-off over an extended period. Red Star® Single Acting Baking Powder may be used in chemically leavened batters where minimal leavening action is desired or required prior to placing in the oven.


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Lesaffre Yeast Corporation is an experienced supplier of yeast extracts and baker’s yeast for consumers. The SAF®, RED STAR®, and Bakipan® product ranges are GMO-free, gluten-free products suitable for a wide range of applications. The company offers help, support, and troubleshooting in the baking process, so they welcome experienced bakers as well as newcomers to the industry.


Lesaffre Yeast Corporation

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