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Summer Butter (Sweet Cream, Unsalted, With Color)


Royal VIV Buisman目前只在以下作出標識的區域展示其產品資料:

Summer Butter (Sweet Cream, Unsalted, With Color) is a yellow, sweet cream, unsalted butter with a moderately firm texture. Sweet cream butter has not been cultured before the churning process. This prevents lactose fermentation from taking place, resulting in a milder buttery flavor. Summer Butter (Sweet Cream, Unsalted, With Color) is most commonly used in cake, dough, short bread, Viennoiserie, and puff pastry applications.


Royal VIV Buisman produces a full range of milk fat and butter products for applications like (recombined) dairy, ice cream, flavours, chocolate and bakery. They are one of the head experts in partly skimmed milk powder, butter blends, milk fat preparations, fractionated milk fat (low, middle and high melting fractions), deodorised milk fat (white AMF), Anhydrous Milk Fat, concentrated butter, texturised butter and churned butter.



Royal VIV Buisman

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