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Agrotécnica® Dehydrated Parsley Leaves 4mm 


Vegenat, S.A.

Agrotécnica® Dehydrated Parsley Leaves 4mm is produced from selected, washed and dehydrated parsley leaves cut to 4mm size. It is a rich green color, with the typical taste and smell of parsley. It can be used as a flavoring and to add color / visual appeal to soups, stews and other foods.


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Vegenat, S.A. is a supplier of ingredients for the food industry. Vegenat, S.A. has a wide range of dehydrated, food mixes, and freeze-dried products including beetroot powder, carrot, garlic flakes, ham parsley, and more. Vegenat, S.A. uses different operations such as size sorting, sorting by density, and size reduction to ensure that their products reach the highest quality possible.


Vegenat, S.A.

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