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K2Vital Vitamin K2 1500ppm Oil 

K2Vital Vitamin K2 1500ppm Oil is a high quality and high purity vitamin K2 MK7 ingredient with a standardised concentration of 1500ppm in an oil carrier of medium chain triglycerides. Vitamin K2 is essential for bone development and maintainance. Novel foods approved under brand name K2Vital. It is vegetarian friendly designed for tablet & capsule use with applications in tablets, capsules, powder preparations, liquids, foods, food supplements and pharmaceuticals.




ProTec Nutra Ltd is a supplier of functional ingredients for the food industry. ProTec Nutra Ltd has a wide range of products such as botanical extracts, minerals, vitamins, and phospholipids. ProTec Nutra Ltd focuses on creating high quality products that have many applications including increased tolerability and absorption, vegetarian friendly, food fortification, and chelation.


ProTec Nutra Ltd

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