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Obtuseleaf Senna Seed Extract 

Obtuseleaf Senna Seed Extract, is a dry fruit from Cassia obtusifolian L. with a brown powder appearance. Sweet, bitter, salty in favor, it acts on liver and large intestine channels. The herb clears the conjunctival congestion caused by liver-fire and constipation caused by intestinal dryness.


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Hangzhou Gosun Biotech Co., Ltd is a global supplier of plant extracts for the Food, Beverage and Nutrition industry. This company created several brand products of its own including Redkeys™, Goberry™, Goldgrape™, and more. They also manufacture many extracts such as Pygeum Africanum Extract, Giant Knotweed Extract, Wolfberry Extract, Milk Thistle Extract, Red Yeast Rice, Rutin, and so on.


Hangzhou Gosun Biotech Co., Ltd

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