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WDFPRO 950E is a soy protein isolate made from non-GMO soybeans. It is used in food manufacturing for its nutritional value and excellent performance in water binding and fat emulsifying. It is a dust free product that is coated in lecithin to avoid more dust during the production. It is a cream white fine powder with a bland taste. This product is used in emulsified meat products, poultry and fish products, surimi, frozen food, bread, and vegetarian food.




Shandong Wonderful Industrial Group is a leader in the exporting and NON-GMO manufacturing of soya protein in China. Currently their product line includes soybean germ, low-temperature soybean flakes, soybean flour, textured soya protein, soybean isoflavone, soya protein concentrate and soya protein isolate. They also produce a special soya protein isolate, which has been developed separately for dairy products, beverages, injected meat products and other types of products.


Shandong Wonderful Industrial Group Co., Ltd.

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