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Doreckonsoy 90 

Doreckonsoy 90 is a lecithinated soy protein isolate produced from soy beans. It has good gelling strength by water-hydration, and is an excellent emulsifying agent, providing homogeneous, heat stable emulsion. It is applied by bowl-chopping & mixing; homogenizing & emulsifying. This product is used as a binder, emulsifier, nutrition enhancer, to Improve structure, yields, and reduce cooking losses. It is processed in meat products, poultry products and dairy-type products.




Dezhou Ruikang Food is a high-technological manufacturer and processor of soybeans. They were established in 2002 and have production lines for producing 30000MT Non-Gmo Isolated soy protein, 10000MT Non-Gmo Concentrated soy protein and 10000mt Non-Gmo Soy fiber.


Dezhou Ruikang Food Co., Ltd.

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