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Doreckonsoy 200 

Doreckonsoy 200 is an soy protein isolate produced from soy beans. It is highly dispersible, bland in flavor and low in viscosity. It provides excellent nutritional properties. This product is widely used in nutrition food and health food industry in products such as dry blend / powdered sport and health drinks, energy beverage, protein fortified beverage, instant beverage, soymilk products, yogurts, dairy product and milk alternatives.




Dezhou Ruikang Food is a high-technological manufacturer and processor of soybeans. They were established in 2002 and have production lines for producing 30000MT Non-Gmo Isolated soy protein, 10000MT Non-Gmo Concentrated soy protein and 10000mt Non-Gmo Soy fiber.


Dezhou Ruikang Food Co., Ltd.

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