Agar, Type J, Food Grade – Technical (Gelidium), 40-60 Mesh 

Agar, Type J, Food Grade – Technical (Gelidium), 40-60 Mesh is white cream to light tan yellow in color. It has a particle size of 50% and does not pass 60 mesh. Agar, Type J, Food Grade – Technical (Gelidium), 40-60 Mesh is used in desserts, as an appetite suppressant, vegetarian gelatin substitute, thickener for soups, in fruit preserves, ice cream, and other desserts. This product is also used as a clarifying agent in brewing.




Global BioIngredients provides agars for the food industry. They also supply plant and animal peptones along with agars for micro-organism growth for fermentation and/or micro-biological applications. Most recently they introduced an agar to be used in high sugar applications that went by the trade name Agarite™.


Global BioIngredients, Inc.

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